Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes 2011 HD Trailer

I’m a big fan of the Planet of the Apes movies that show the Apes taking over, but this just doesn’t quite look like it’s going to pull it off. This new addition to the Apes series seems to have the production values of one of the Resident Evil movies, with some added weird looking CG monkeys, sometimes the old effects are still the best effects.

Check out professional scientist James Franco for yourself:

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DC’s Number 1s To Refresh Their Lineup

DC Number 1s

DC is following in Marvel’s footsteps in creating a series of new number 1’s, but in DC’s case these will also be semi-drastic to drastic changes to the character’s appearance, origin stories, and current life.

They will attempt to fit these old superheroes into a more current time, and change up their look once again, notably keeping the recently controversial Wonder Woman reoutfitting.

Most important among these changes is the fact that Superman will no longer be wearing his underwear on the outside, well at least not his red underwear, perhaps it’s a pair that simply matches the rest of his suit.

Can changes like this revitalize these stale DC franchises, or will the Green Lantern movie be the final nail in the coffin for mass appeal for the B tier DC characters?

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Warner Bros Making A Hawkman Movie

Hawkman Movie

News today according to It’s On The Grid that Warner Bros. Pictures will be going forward with a Hawkman movie. For those of you who have no idea who Hawkman is, he’s the guy in the picture with the Thundercats logo on his chest.

Why put effort into a Hawkman movie instead of say the fucking Flash, or someone like the Green Arrow? Well apparently Warner Bros. thinks the chance of getting a confused movie goer to buy a ticket to Hawkman thinking there going to see a Hawkeye movie, is better than the chance that anyone will actively choose to go to a movie about a DC character not named Batman.

They’re touting it as a mix of Indiana Jones/The Da Vinci Code, and Ghost, so make of that what you will. Perhaps they want the movie to have more appeal with elderly viewers than most comic book films.

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Stephen Fry Confirmed for The Hobbit

Stephen Fry The Hobbit

From Peter Jackson’s Facebook page it has been confirmed that yes Stephen Fry will be appearing in The Hobbit, he will be playing the role of The Master of Laketown.

Jackson also announced that Ryan Gage will be playing the Master’s civil servant Alfrid, and Conan Stevens will be playing the Orc Azog.

With any luck this overwrought, over budget, epic will be at least as entertaining as the cartoon was back in the day, and not another umpteen hour bore like Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy was.

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