X-Men First In The Weekend Box Office

X-Men First Class

It looks like there’s still hope for the X-Men franchise on the big screen, the non-Marvel Studios movie X-Men: First Class hit the number 1 spot at the box office this weekend, bringing in more than 56 million dollars, besting the original X-Men movie, though that was a few years back now.

X-Men: First Class knocked The Hangover 2 off it’s number 1 spot in it’s second week, so that’s an accomplishment worth noting in itself. Thor was still staying around in the number 6 spot with around 4.2 million for that movie’s fifth weekend in theaters.

Comic book movies overall seem to be having a decent, if not spectacular, run lately, hopefully the Green Lantern movie doesn’t screw that up for everyone else by poisoning the well of good will with it’s terrible effects, premise, setting, characters, source material, and original publisher.

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