Green Lantern Will Never Get A Sequel

Green Lantern

After all the horrible reviews, the disastrous pre-release buzz, and a debut weekend opening that wouldn’t be acceptable for a Blair Witch reunion documentary, Green Lantern dropped a whopping 65.5% in it’s second week in theaters, this should end all expectations for any near future Green Lantern films, and put into serious question DC’s ability to be used as source material for anything without Batman in the title.

If we’re really lucky this will also spell the end of Van Wilder’s career as well.

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Wolverine Gets A New Director

Wolverine Western

Since Darren Aronofsky unfortunately had to bail on Wolverine we have to give up hope for the weird, dark, depressing Wolverine movie, but with new director James Mangold perhaps there’s new hope for a Wolverine western.

James Mangold is the new man behind the camera for the upcoming Wolverine project, his last most notable effort being the recent 3:10 to Yuma remake, so Russel Crowe as Sabretooth is not entirely out of the question, honestly it’d be more interesting than the mediocrity he’s been churning out lately.

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Buffy Season 9 Freefall #1

Sometimes I find myself wishing Buffy was back, for real, thankfully she carries on in the pages of Season 9 coming in September, and she’s looking shit hot, on the cover of issue #1 Freefall.

Buffy Season 9 Freefall #1

Take respite in knowing that a worn down Sarah Michelle could never look this good again, so her trapped in the pages of a 40 page comic, is a gift we shouldn’t overlook in our longing unquenchable desires for a full screen rebirth.

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Daredevil Reboot Story & Writer

DaredevilNews today on the new Daredevil film, the story will be based on Frank Miller’s Born Again story, and will be written by Fringe writer Brad Kaleb Kane, so we should be expecting a but of a darker tone for this one.

Daredevil is a character deserving of a fresh shot at the big screen without the taint of Ben Afleck, unfortunate that the license is still in the hand’s of Fox, but that whole X-Men: First Class thing worked out better than some were expecting, so I remain optimistic that Daredevil can get a proper second bite at the apple.

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X-Men First In The Weekend Box Office

X-Men First Class

It looks like there’s still hope for the X-Men franchise on the big screen, the non-Marvel Studios movie X-Men: First Class hit the number 1 spot at the box office this weekend, bringing in more than 56 million dollars, besting the original X-Men movie, though that was a few years back now.

X-Men: First Class knocked The Hangover 2 off it’s number 1 spot in it’s second week, so that’s an accomplishment worth noting in itself. Thor was still staying around in the number 6 spot with around 4.2 million for that movie’s fifth weekend in theaters.

Comic book movies overall seem to be having a decent, if not spectacular, run lately, hopefully the Green Lantern movie doesn’t screw that up for everyone else by poisoning the well of good will with it’s terrible effects, premise, setting, characters, source material, and original publisher.

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